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Dr. Patterson Stark
Dr. Patterson Stark


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Lifestyle as Medicine

Since 1980 we have been exploring, collecting and practicing the best sciences defining Lifestyle Medicine. We are leaders in holistic health and prevention. Our message is "STARK" and simple!

We have  carefully studied medicines approach to health. After we rule out life threatening events via comprehensive physicals, laboratory and historical information - we generally do the opposite   of traditional "treatment"  and call it Starkhealth!

Here is why:

  • Lifestyle investigation can forecast years and sometimes decades what diseases are most likely to strike you down.
  • Focused on prevention - it is the use of well documented science.
  • Lifestyle strategies can prevent most modern diseases - before they are diagnosable and take hold.
  • Application of proper lifestyle intervention it is eighty percent effective at stopping:
    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Autoimune disorders
    • Dementia

Prevention is the Cure !

  • Healthcare now focuses on disease treatment almost exclusivley.

  • In its current state of operation, organisation and political control of research it represents one of the largest industries in the developed world. An estimated 12=20% of gross domestic product (GDP)

When disease is present - you must consider:

  • Medical practice disregards lifestyle for returning to health and defeating disease is dangerous and not a best practice of science.

  • Antimicrobial over prescription is leading to a "no option" but lifestyle or die scenario.

  • One of the leading causes of death, correctly prescribed medications are downplayed

    • SSRI's (mood elevators)

    • Statins (cholesterol lowering)

    • ED  (erectile disfunction)

    • Proton pump inhibitors (indigestion)

  • Medical education is unqualified to protect the public health by lifestyle

  • Consumer be ware - it's your life, you deserve the best results for your health care dollar.

When you are sick, lifestyle can be the most important part of your complete recovery and continued good health.

  • Food as a primary support system

  • Exercise and rehabilitation are mandatory

  • Mental  support via one on one instruction and counselling

  • Emotional support via family friends and extended professional intervention

  • Monitoring of health - not just disease statistics

  • Vitamin therapy for specific metabolic weaknesses and to compensate for medication induced deficiencies.

How is Lifestyle Medicine practiced at Starkhealth?

The most common program we do includes one year of care. (Silver Program)   The individual areas are comprehensive, probing and inclusive of prior examines, investigations, medications or family histories. Programs start with the following:

    • 17 page Intake Form Review

    • 3 hours of consultation and physical examination

    • 60 laboratory tests

    • detailed explanations of findings

    • forward planning of goals

    • personal workbook including

      • personal diet,

      • exercises specifically for you

      • mindfulness instructions

    • objective re-measurements through out the year

    • 12 months of coaching/mentoring/doctoring

    • Access to the doctor 24/7

    • Your psychology of health, and stress reduction in your life

    • Structural assessment

      • Chiropractic / Applied Kinesiology

      • Yoga rehab when indicated

    • Coordination of your medical and health care teams when necessary

  • Dr. Stark's book, Live Now - Die Later, Starkhealth a signed copy

When you become a client, you may be in a clinical teaching situation - yet always have the right to privicy when requested.

We teach Lifestyle Medicine via the International Academy of Prevention, Performance and Longevity. (IAPPL) and Starkhealth takes a selected number of Clients each year to help refine our teaching models and to make a statement of change to standard practice one practitioner at a time.

StarkHealth Centre

StarkHealth Centre is a "Quality of Life" clinical research facility located in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are New Zealand and Australia's most experienced and successful Lifestyle Medicine facility.


Clients travel to our Centre from around the world to do their yearly evaluations. After carefully analysing over 60 laboratory tests, 17 pages of personal history and the results of our 90 minute physical examination we design a custom program for each client and "install" that information in our follow-up 90 minute session to get you on your way to higher performance in every area.  Overseas clients are virtually "coached" to achieve identified goals and we are available 24/7 to answer questions when they occur. We review the hard data gathered monthly and quarterly with repeat tests to objectively document results.  This gives us the ability to adjust and modify the lifestyle, so we know what is working and why.

Every individual program is based on thirty years of research experience and we truly think each program is the cutting edge of proactive, preventative and performance-oriented care. Our approach allows clients to be leaner for life, have more energy and most importantly, reduce the modern risk of degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  In fact, we call it "interventional prevention" - stopping disease before it happens! Through StarkHealth Centre you can achieve lower body weight, increased muscle mass, lower blood pressure, better mental awareness and most importantly massive reductions in the risk of degenerative diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disorders).  We regularly receive referrals from other specialists and practitioners who have seen our methods and outcomes and understand it takes time and a comprehensive program to achieve life changing results.  Most practices do not have the training to do this for more than one or two conditions.  Our model fits almost all health challenges, as does our experience.

The "International Academy of Prevention, Performance and Longevity" (IAPPL) uses our format to teach healthcare providers from all disciplines how to "change over" into Lifestyle Medicine and be true "health care providers and mentors!"

StarkHealth Personal Health Analysis - did we mention it's FREE?

The program will take about 10-15 minutes and generates a 15-20 page report custom tailored to your specific needs. Find out just how effective, or destructive, your lifestyle has been. Developed over thirty years, this latest edition gives the hard science for you to draw a definitive line in the sand and know where you stand on the ladder of health. Then you’re given clear instructions on what to do and not to do to improve your health and vitality - how much exercise is enough, what diet is right, which supplements you should use, how to use your doctor and where to get support when you need it. In our opinion it is the most comprehensive lifestyle analysis on the web. And, for a limited time - IT'S FREE!
Do the StarkHealth Personal Health Analysis

Live Now – Die Later, StarkHealth - The Book

The incredible story of how Dr. Stark defied the odds and overcame “terminal cancer” twenty-five years ago and gives you the tools to unstoppable health. It is the beginning of the "StarkHealth" movement and an inspiring story.



Read a sample chapter, download an ebook or
order the paperback version here.

The Website:

The Practice of the Future - where healthcare providers learn how to increase healthy attributes and reduce the horrid risk of modern disease trends with well researched science.


Become a Diplomat of the International Academy of Prevention, Performance and Longevity !

It's the Practice of the Future

Prevention is not just a word. Dr. Stark has studied the science of Anti Ageing Medicine and perfected a drugless performance-based program for doctors and allied healthcare providers.  Now you will have the entire working format to change lives and shut down degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune disorders.  Side effects like decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, mental clarity, sexual function and improved cardiovascular profiles are what we aim for in ourselves as practitioners and in our clients - we lead by example.

From the history and laboratory investigation to the prescription of nutraceuticals, specific diets, counselling techniques and exercise programs; you will have a turn key training to use immediately after attending this workshop. Contact us for information on the next training session and get ready to change your life and others too.

Email Dr. Stark directly for information on our next course - just hit the contact us button.

Welcome to our healthy, happy world.

In Great Health,


Founding Member of The International Academy of  Prevention, Performance and Longevity