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What if they discovered how to STOP cancer, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune disorders from every happening..... and did not tell anyone?

Well, I/we have and you are invited to learn how to also….Turning off degenerative disease lifestyle is the first step to Qualitiy of Life

Welcome to The Practice of the Future, Health-care as it should be - Prevention oriented, Performance enhancing and Quality of Life enriching.

Over the last 26 years I have traveled the planet to find out what works and what does not with respect to the epidemic of disease we have upon us now. First, I tested my hypothesis on myself, (they said I had “terminal cancer”) then with clients over the last ten years.  Now we have started teaching those in the Healthcare Industry how to truly create “Health”, not just diagnose and treat disease after disease at the proverbial bottom of the cliff with procedures limited to radiation, drugs, surgical procedures, rehabilitation and more drugs.

We can do better for ourselves our families, friends and clients. I have the model of “Strategic Lifestyle Intervention” (SLI) and will be teaching it in Three modules:  Prevention, Performance and Longevity.

You will learn a workshop environment having a hands on experience that you can use Monday morning.  All materials will be provided and support is just a phone call away between Modules. Upon successful completion of all three workshops you will be inducted into the “International Academy of Prevention, Performance and Longevity” as a Diplomat.  Recognized as a highly trained professional, confident in the service you provide.

Take action and change countless lives, including your own, reply and ask for our detailed workshop outline so you can sign up immediately.

We have the best technology, and you will have and outstanding time meeting varied and interesting colleagues from all the helping professions, improve your life, practice and most importantly, raise the bar on your personal health.

Call or email for a detailed course outline, fees and locations and remember to get in early for the "Early Bird Special"  OFFICE +64 3 376 5000 OR STARKHEALTHCENTRE@ME.COM





Acknowledgements from previous attendees:

"Patterson has a highly successful, low stress practice specialising in prevention, longevity & anti aging. Do his seminar and you will literally get the blueprints for his unique, drug free health programs."

Nick Foley, Chiropractor” Melbourne Australia

“Dr Patterson Stark; in my opinion is a gifted clinician who treats his

patients with compassion and humility. He has acquired knowledge and

wisdom throughout his lifetime and is consistently updating.  When he

launched his first mini fellowship in New Zealand I eagerly attended.

Dr Stark succinctly and humorously delivered a high

quality,interesting seminar which kept me engaged throughout. I give

any seminar that Dr Stark does my highest recommendations.

Jacqui Houghton-Lee N.D(Dip.Nat.Med),MHb,NZ(NZQA”)


“Patterson’s seminars are informative and practical, I would recommend that

all DCs go to Patterson’s seminars - its become a cliché that "this will change

your life", but with this seminar DCs have the chance to change thousands of


Kind Regards,

Dr Craig Walsham, Auckland

09 818 6565




“Stark Health delivers - having identified the Red Flags to dis-ease, we are able to implement the nutrient protocol that restores Optimal Health & in my line of work this is the foundation to enhanced performance on all levels"

Lee Parore, Auckland


“I was one of the first group of students that Patterson took through his

program. For me it was a great revelation regarding my own health and to know from

all the blood tests that were done just what I needed for continued good

health and wellness for a 70yr old who still runs my own health clinic.


I have been able to incorporate much of the information into my own patients

treatment and have seen many changes using Patterson's program for them.

He is one of the top presenters with his material and knowing that he is 'up

there' with the latest information is always a bonus when attending any



His own health and wellbeing is evidence that his program does work and he

is a living example of this --- a vibrant, energetic, healthy 60 year old



Robin Rodgers


Aquarian Healing International Ltd

43A Charles Upham Ave, Hillmorton, Christchurch, New Zealand ,Phone 0064 33386340