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Dec 13, 2011

Gratitude ? A Reason to Live Better, Longer and StrongerCompassion is the realization that your actions have implications for the well being of others. With this understanding, a decision can be made to choose that which will benefit those in need. In the Buddhist tradition, this is called the Bodhisattva Vow. You take it for the sake of all sentient beings (those who have not found their way to happiness or liberation) and choose to return to the land of struggle and toil for the sake of helping others, even though you could live forever in paradise. This is a very significant realization and statement for one to make. Return to the real world and work harder... it sustains a life compassionate with actions for others because you can and see the dilemma. What is the value of paradise if there are still others suffering? Merely, the illusion of paradise.

It would be a few more years before I took my personal vows. The Universe was already asking me the question loud and clear...?Kid, what are you going to do with your life?? Wouldn?t you feel just a little guilty about the fact you are indulging in only self-serving actions? The work police could come around the corner at any moment! I thought about my situation. I started working at about 12years of age, finished med school at 28, and six years later I was still working seven days a week when cancer came to teach me a lesson. After a couple more years of work, I abandoned ?work? as I knew it to essentially go on a quest! I find what I am looking for and yikes, I then have to construct the perfect life, or deconstruct my values and world view. Poor me? In reality, it was not that difficult, but more like putting a foot into a warm bath that was just right. Nelson felt good and the body just followed along. Reconnecting to ?things? was a little odd. Having an entire apartment to ourselves for the first time in two years was a conscious decision that made us appreciate just?how little we?really?needed mate - to make life work. Now our needs were ?stark? in comparison to the house on the hill in Del Mar.

Nov 20, 2011

We know you are busy, busy, successful?..and probably stressed at this time of year! So we will keep this short.? Come along and join us for a couple of hours to hear the latest in?StarkHealth and to re-connect with us. Enjoy some healthy snacks, a glass of wine and at the same time? meet other stimulating people.

We are delighted to bring you Dr Patterson Stark as our guest speaker. This is? a FREE event? but it is the season of giving so our request for you is?to leave a donation to Save the Children for their work with New Zealand children.

Dr Patterson Stark ?Live Now Die Later?

Patterson's interactive speaking style will make you think, laugh and very fortunate you were there on the night...... it just might change your life.

Find out how to add 10 really good years to your life. Live longer and learn how to reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others, learn how to actively avoid the degenerative diseases of our times. Take away 5 top tips that you can easily implement from the minute you leave.

For over thirty years Patterson has used the Art of Living blended with the Science of Age Management to educate the public and the world is starting to listen. The mind is capable of a deeper understanding when health is vibrant. All of us see the seriousness of modern man?s dilemma at this juncture in time; the next generation must learn by our adaptive example or suffer the fate we see around us. Changing what control you have over disease is just the beginning of personal action. Lifestyle management, holistically, naturally and without drugs has clearly defined Patterson's "STARKHEALTH" as a leader in Age Management. ?Patterson was the first board certified Anti Aging Practitioner in Australasia and there are still only a few in New Zealand with this comprehensive training.

The world is hearing the message, what about you? Come along to our soiree to hear this message ? this is a message every leader interested in high performance from self and others should hear.

Patterson will have his latest book??Live Now Die Later - Starkhealth? on sale at a special price of $25 with a personalised message from him.

So what has this got to do with New Zealand?s two top Leadership coaches?

Linley and Gai will?? update you on where they have been the last two years, what they have learned and why they are passionate about their new focus in the personal leadership space.

Pivot Partners is our JV for this work

Our intention of working with leaders and enquiring into the ?who? of leaders for the future sits comfortably with Patterson?s message.? We are trailblazers for a better world through high impact connected leadership.

Wednesday 30 November 2011


A chance to relax, meet other successful leaders and hear the latest in leadership and wellness.

22 Arthur Street Freemans Bay

( Parking in local streets or on the empty?section 221 Ponsonby Road)

Healthy munchies, beverages, stimulating conversations, new ideas and possibilities provided!

RSVP by Monday ?28 November to

Gai Foskett gai@pivotpartners.biz or?Linley Rose linley@pivotpartners.biz

or call Linley on 09 3608293

Apr 26, 2011
Yesterday, while standing in line - at one of our few remaining post offices, I noticed the cover of Time Magazine. The feature article must've been written for me; it was called Forever Young. The article's author, Catherine Mayer, used the medical facility in Las Vegas where I studied, as an example of how something she calls "Amortality," or modern aging, is being medically introduced to the public at large.

In 2004 I spent a week at this Institute for the princely sum of $10,000 USD. It was a Fellowship to learn how to administer an "Anti Aging Program" for doctors who have such aspirations. Combining this with my training at the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, I had a paradigm shift - which later found the name Stark Health?. http://www.starkhealth.com

In the seven years after my Las Vegas experience I've had unique opportunities to modify and reconfigure many of the early therapies used and taught by both faculties, in addition to creating new ones unique to our practice. (Starkhealth Centre, 4/23 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead, Christchurch 8023, +64 3 6690100)

Every day we ask people how they are doing with the specifics of diet, exercise, supplementation and stress reduction. The bigger picture is; are you engaging in a purposeful life and is this new approach to preventative health helping you? As our people quickly find out it's not about looking good, it's about feeling great! From the inside out.

The founder of Cenegenics Medical Institute was Dr. Alan Mintz and he was an organizational and communication genius. While he was trained as a Radiologist, he envisioned the massive potential Anti Aging Medicine or as he called it "Age Management Medicine" had to offer and the time was right. He believed that his model of delivery was worthy and could accurately provide the enhanced quality of life that people sought and medicine could now provide.

Myself being one of the first Chiropractors to go through the Fellowship intrigued Dr. Mintz. Not being licenced to prescribe bio-identical hormones such as testosterone, estrogens, thyroid hormones or growth hormone; how was I going to be able to apply that which I was learning? He took me aside and pointed out that the medications themselves were effective, however anyone who was willing to do "the lifestyle work" could achieve the same results 90% of the time, according to Mintz.

I could not believe what I was hearing; the founder of the institute based around the use of hormones to augment the aging process was telling me we didn't really need the drugs! The problem was, no one was out there doing drug free antiaging medicine". I would have to go out and prove to myself and others that Dr. Mintz's statement was actually true.

Over the previous 15 years I'd searched the planet for every tangible method for staying above ground. Now I had to go back to work and prove what I was doing for myself actually could be translated and taught to the general population. That would be you, by the way...

To my delight, it has worked better than I ever hoped and today we are becoming acknowledged as a world leader in this field. This year we have begun to teach our drugless model to other healthcare providers; we are in fact trying to change the way healthcare is delivered. Aging itself is not the issue. It's the chronic debilitating diseases of degeneration which, rapidly appear in the 40+ age groups which we are trying to forestall. "Stark Health" is in fact a pure prevention model. Our aim is to forecast each individual's health future, then devise a plan based on solid science to reverse, forestall or eliminate the risk of modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Coaching, measuring, retesting and calibrating all along the way to "optimal health", not just "clear physical exams without detectable pathology".

As most of you know this is not a panacea but, it is the one true road to an increased quality of life.

Our clinical experience has demonstrated with high predictability that we are decreasing body fat and in particular intra-abdominal body fat responsible for bad cholesterol, lowering blood pressures and increasing muscle mass, improving athletic performance and in so doing - mental agility. Combining these attributes we are finding new frontiers opening up for our patients and ourselves because quality of life has improved so immensely. The spiritual satisfaction this brings to each and every one of us who takes this road less traveled? becomes quite obvious to those around us - something is different about these people.

As Mayer points out in TIME, there will be nearly 6,000,000 centenarians by the year 2050. The questions about health span versus lifespan still remain - who would want to live longer but be a healthcare burden upon their family, communities and social delivery systems?

It is my personal belief that this last portion of our life will be our finest hour. For all of our triumphs and mistakes come together as wisdom, allowing us to more easily transfer the power, share the lessons and give the insights to those who follow us. My book Live Now Die Later, Starkhealth" gives the "how" of this equation. (http://www.livenow-dielater.com) The better question is; if we're all going to die eventually, how do we; Live Now and Die Greater? That will be the topic of my next book. In the meantime, do your part.

Make the most of your day and spread the word; quality of life is attainable but, you have to work for it, Stark Simple!.

Thank you for doing the work.