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Liver and gall bladder flush


Essentially, there are three phases or actions that must be supported or stimulated:

1. Bile production in the liver and bile flow through the biliary tract and into the intestine must be encouraged (lipotropic activity) to prevent "liver congestion" and cholestasis (the stoppage of bile flow), augment toxin and cholesterol excretion and decrease fatty infiltration of the liver (this is the most common form of liver degeneration and usually seen on the microscope long before any real pathology appears).

2. The immunologically active liver macrophages, called "Kupffer cells" must be activated to phagocytize, or engulf and digest, appropriate cellular or chemical material.

3. The primary liver cells (hepatocytes) must be protected from inflammatory damage, and stimulated to repair and regenerate so that they can optimally perform their metabolic functions.

So how do you do this?


CAUTION: Patients with hypoglycemia, diabetes, cirrhosis, hypertension, cardiac problems or kidney disease should not do these procedures. The liver-gall bladder flush should only be done under the guidance of a physician knowledgeable in natural therapeutics when these conditions exist.

A periodic liver-gall bladder flush is important to aid in the elimination of toxic waste material from your body, and to improve the digestion and assimilation of essential nutrients.

1. For five days, drink as many green based smoothies as possible. Freshly juiced, organic apples  with spinach, kale, beet tops and cabbage are preferable organic has minimally six times more nutrients.

3. Your diet should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables (whole or juiced, raw or steamed), herbal teas, nuts, seeds, legumes and  no gluten grains (wheat, rye, barley).  Each evening have one or two cups of the following broth: combine 8 large carrots, 6 stalks of celery, 1 small onion, 1/2 bunch of fresh parsley, one medium potato (with peel), and one medium beet, all finely chopped and placed in a pot with alkaline water  to cover if available. You may substitute other vegetables for those you may be allergic to. Simmer 20 to 30 minutes. Drain and save the broth. It will help flush the liver and bile ducts. Be sure to increase your water intake, because this will assist the body with cleansing and toxin removal. To keep energy and blood sugar levels consistent without the use of heavier proteins take snacks to work like carrots and celery, Be wary of fruit due to the sugar content.

4. On the sixth day, in the morning, one teaspoon of Epsom Salts should be taken, dissolved in two ounces of warm distilled water. The taste is objectionable, so use a straw. The mixture may be followed by some fresh citrus juice. Repeat two hours later.

5. For lunch, have a fruit salad covered with heavy organic coconut cream or dairy cream if you tolerate it. (about two ounces or 50 grams), using as many fresh fruits in season as possible. Eat as much as desired. If you have a blood sugar problem or milk product allergy, this part of the flush procedure may not be recommended.

6. Three hours after lunch, take two Hypo D, followed by this mixture: 1/2 cup of unrefined (virgin) olive oil blended with 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice.

7. You will probably not be hungry later that evening. If so, have veggie broth or some other fruit.

8. Before bed, repeat step 6. (take two Hypo D, followed by this mixture: 1/2 cup of unrefined (virgin) olive oil blended with 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice.) Be sure to lie on your right side, with your right knee drawn up to your chest for thirty minutes before going to sleep.

9. Upon arising, repeat step 4. An enema would be extremely beneficial at this time. It would be best to do a daily morning enema, but this is optional. Continue with the recommended light diet, including plain soy or coconut yogurt, for the rest of the day.


It is not unusual for nausea, right-sided abdominal pain or soreness, headache, fatigue, or flu-like symptoms to occur on the fourth or fifth days. An enema will usually help to alleviate these symptoms. Many people experience minimal discomfort, and most feel much better after completing this cleansing procedure. You may find gallstone-type objects in your stool the day following the flush. These are light to dark green in color, irregular in shape, and vary in size from "grape seeds "to "cherries". If you pass a large number of these objects, the flush procedure should be repeated in one month.

Did you ever eat a pine tree?

Fiber is important for the health of the Colon and as you will see essential for the reduction in your risk against Colon Cancer. The following story will give you a little more insight:

In the world of Medical research there are those who stand above the rest and in the middle part of this century there was Dr. Burkett of Scotland. He was a great researcher and classified with due diligence a disorder that later came to bear his name; "Burketts Lymphoma". One day he asked the question that most good pathologists ask; why do some patients get certain illnesses and others don't? Well as you might guess being the type of researcher he was, the question lead him into the field of Epidemiology in quest of his answer. He was looking into Bowel Cancer in Western countries and within a couple of years we find Dr. Burkett far off the track in Africa weighing the stools of Tribal Africans. He found that in fact Bowel Cancer was linked to social life style and the diet which was popular with that life style. The amount of crude indigestible fiber in the diet made all the difference. The average European and American had less than two grams of fiber in there daily diet and the Massi had over twenty-five grams of fiber in their diet.

In the West the fourth leading cause of death was and is Colon cancer. What completely must of blown Dr. Burketts mind was that he could not find any Colon Cancer in diets with over twenty five grams of fiber! Two or three large healthy, not foul, poops were normal each day! This guy already had a Nobel prize and now started what was to be the "Fiber Consciousness Craze", In the US food labeling laws require the producer to tell you how much fiber is in the food your eating. That is how important fiber is.

Critical Mass: Approaching normal dietary fiber

It makes sense that the first thing we do to our diet to cleanse the gut is get the scrubbers out by increasing the bulk fiber the diet. You are doing this by default in the Rotation Diet. For many of you, this will be the most dynamic change to your eating habits in your entire life! If you are under-weight, you will gain due to your increased absorption of nutrients. If you are overweight you will loose at a safe and controlled rate.

First of all remember that if its processed the fiber has been removed.

So no white flour or polished rice!

Secondly, two pieces of fruit per day. Once you get to the point of finding friendly fruits that you can safely eat. Raw, not out of a can. If you can get coconut, a fresh one of those every day or two will change your life. They have an amazing amount of fiber and if you can eat a whole one after getting into it, your teeth are more than likely OK. Because coconuts travel so well you can find them in almost any country in the world.

Lastly, try to eat one to two Salads per day and other high fiber meals. The following list will give you some receipts which will add variety to your diet.

Lastly-Lastly, if you have a "strong constitution and going without food or missing a meal does not make much of a difference to you then one day per week try not eating. Just drink some juices and plenty of water. This has the effect of cleaning out the gut a bit and allowing it to concentrate its enzymes to a high level ready for the next meal. Remember how we talked about under-eating and the effects on longevity? There are a couple of supplements which can aid the gut in its function too. I try not to rely on the fiber products due to the fact they can become habitual. Its best to get it out of the diet first, however having said that, when cleansing its a good idea to blast away with a fiber product like flaxseed and psyllium. Stay away from bran products which can be to harsh, especially Metamucel, the sugar + fiber supplement that the world takes.