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Male and female infertility

*This program and its considerations are also recommended for those who do not have conception problems, and want to ensure best possible outcome for their child.

The causes of male and female infertility can be quite complex. Failure of the woman to produce a healthy egg, or a site in the uterus that will maintain implantation, combined with the difficulty of transporting the egg from the ovary to the uterus all have unique nutritional, environmental and mechanical liabilities. In the male production of healthy sperm, numerous and active are the quintessential challenges. If we look into what we can do at home with nutritional supplements, life style changes with greater awareness, we can hand down the gift of health to our children.
Female infertility

In Australia, Henry Osieki has compiled a book called "The Physician's Handbook of Clinical Nutrition". He has put together a concise and thorough explanation for male and female infertility. I recommend its reading to all health professions and anyone who is serious about the conception of healthy babies.

He states "Almost 90 percent of women have taken hormones, either for problems, or for contraception-before they have had their first pregnancy. The younger the age group, the higher rate of cervical cancer in situ. One in four women have a lifetime risk of breast cancer, many of these are estrogen-sensitive; therefore, estrogen may be a cause or aggravate the disease. One in five women have a positive Pap smear before the age of 40."

Henry goes on to say "it is a known fact that estrogen stimulates borrow replication. Breast, cervical, liver cancers and melanoma threaten us-all with a possible viral etiology are becoming increasingly prevalent. Exogenous estrogens Cause immune suppression by inducing the production of defective "T" helper cells while stimulating suppressor cells. These estrogen hormones develop and ballet blood vessels which can encourage the spread of infection and cancer. Most long-term studies show increases in far roll, bacterial and fungal infections, service site is cervical cancer in serious heavy bleeding, hauled and also endometrioses, pelvic inflammatory disease and hysterectomies or more common in women have taken the pill in the past."

This scary as this may sound there is hope. Estrogen compound switch, from outside the body heavy effective lowering the number of nutrients while raising others. This imbalance can be corrected with therapeutic nutrition.

Infertility is medically defined as being unable to conceive after one year of trying. It is sad to note that 20-30 percent of couples fall into this category. Medically we are able to find the cause 80 percent of the time. Women account for 50-60 percent of infertility. The reasons are due to ovulatory disorders, total obstruction, abnormalities in the cervical mucous production, uterine fibroids, about 25 percent are unexplained. UN-diagnosed in low grade infection and nutritional deficiencies of zinc, magnesium potassium and essential fatty acids just to name a few are quite probable.

In my personal clinical experience I am happy report that over the years, my previous associates and I were party to over 80 babies being brought into the world from couples unable to conceive.

Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and recreational drugs will do more to harm your chances for a healthy baby then the any other factor. These are lifestyle choices, and you must abstain from any use ideally for a year before conception. It has also been shown that protein intake and body fat of the female are very important in the outcome of healthy baby's. Decreased or low quality proteins for up to three years before conception have been shown to have an effect on birth weight, organ and brain development. Female athletes who maintain body fat under 17 percent also run the risk of not ovulation. The combination of these two components almost insurers difficulty with conception.

Nutritional supplementation for females who have had difficulty with conception concerns the following:

In Australia and Asia in general, order the following products.

* Kelamin - 3/day
* Heme 100 - 3/day
* Mineral Matrix - 2-3/day
* GA/EFA - 2 dessert spoons per day

These products can be added to the regular program, however, the Kelamin replaces the B vitamin in the regular program.

Forward to have difficult periods for the year prior to conception use the product FEM 6, 2-3 tsps/day. *(Stop this product once you have conceived).

In the US and Europe and rest of the world use the following for female infertility:

* Super EPA - 2/day
* Black Current Seed Oil Caps - 2/day
* Glan Plus F - 2/day

Male infertility

As stated before low sperm count, motility, and impotence are the major causes related to male infertility. The causes it can often be due to low-grade anemia and a decreased amount of antioxidant due to pour dietary intake.

All recreational drugs and many prescription drugs can have a detrimental effect on sperm count, causing impotency and erictile dysfunction. Essential fatty acids specifically those found in high amounts and salmon and other fatty fish are particularly important to protect the fat portion of the sperm. Specific nutrients like the zinc and taurine may be indicated.

Smoking is one of the worst ventures you can do for the developing fetus if you are fortunate enough to conceive at all. Do not do it.

Recommended nutritional supplements for Australia and Asia:

* Flavono C - 2-3/day
* Kelamin - 3/day
* Heme 100 - suck 3/day
* GLA/EFA - 2 dessert spoons per day
* Taurine 500 - 3/day
* Zinc C Lozenges - 3-6 /day

These products should be added to the regular program given, however, omit the vitamin B, which is being replaced with Kelamin above.

In the US and Europe and rest of the world use the following for female infertility:

* Super EPA - 2/day
* Black Current Seed Oil Caps - 2/day
* Gland Plus M - 2/day

Ideally, the program should be followed for a year before conception. The male and female components are equally as important since both affect the quality of the child. Please take the Longview trying to rush into the conception of child, while it is an emotional issue the extra care and planning is worth the effort. I can say without reservation those parents who were diligent enough to follow recommendations like the ones giving here have had exceptional children. My Goddaughter was planned a year in advance by two loving and devoted parents. Now the age 16 she is being looked at by athletic coaches in two major sports for university. She maintains Honor's in all subjects. You can just say I'm bragging, and yes, she looks like a supermodel!

No matter what the etiology of your infertility is, have hope miracles happen and you must explore all options.