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Rotation Diet

We are trying to mitigate the gut symptoms you are having at this time. We know that to do this we need to find foods which are easily digested and of high nutritional quality. You must be aware of what to look for in a food's reaction with your body so YOU can determine if that food is suitable. If a food is suitable it will be a "low stress" food and add value to your bodies fight for optimal function. In order to do this you need some indicators you can watch and evaluate in order to confirm or deny its effect on you.

What to eat
For the next week, it is important to find foods, which allow you, body a bit of a break from its normal routine. Eat the following and check via the guidelines below.
For the next seven days eat the following and drink seven glasses of pure clean water (distilled is ok) per day.

1. For breakfast whole grain rice with steamed veggies. You may use a little salt and pepper but not soy type sauce. 2. For lunch a salad with lettuce, carrot, sprouts, onion and tuna, salmon or another fish product. Use canned or fresh cooked, but not breaded , fried or precooked frozen food. 3. For dinner another meal of rice and steamed veggies with a small salad. Use fresh lemon on the salad for dressing. 4. For snacks use veggies that are easy to carry and prepare like carrots and celery.

You will notice that this diet is very "Spartan" and is without milk, dairy products or meats in general. It is the basis of a hypoallergenic diet, and you may feel worse for the first two to three days due to detoxification. You body will take the first available opportunity to dump the toxic bi-products which have accumulated in the body. Your body may crave the foods it uses to create allergic reactions too. To combat these effects: eat the snacks often and keep your water intake very high. This will get you over the emotional and physical hump.

Keep in perspective that you are taking an active and important role in your own health at this time. This is very empowering and positive. However, most people have been raised in a system of health care which "de-powers" them and you may feel many of the following mental manifestations while pursuing your new health goals: 1. A mild depression. 2. A sense of aversion to this program. 3. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of the issue at hand. 4. Physical pain which was unexpected. 5. Anger at not knowing this information earlier and thinking the world has withheld this life changing formula.

After the seventh day, you now need to go looking for the foods, which can safely expand your selection. Choose foods based on the following criteria; and, if you have no reaction to a "newly introduced food" you may try and "challenge" one new food per day. When you have a reaction to a food, allow your body three days to recover before you re-challenge a new food.

What to watch
Just like the stock market we need on a human scale, indicators so we can make informed decisions. Look at you own body objectively and keep a list of what you eat and a plus (+) or minus (-) to remind you if the food is ok to eat.

First lets learn how to evaluate the foods we eat and decide if we can eat in confidence, knowing that we are not detracting from our quality of life.

1. Does the food change your bowel habits (increase, loosen, decrease, or constipate); or change the order of your stools? 2. Does the new food you eat create any headaches, lethargy, fatigue, or blurry vision? 3. Does the new food create or add to the degree or severity of joint pain or muscular pain you may have? 4. Do you notice a change in your mood or cheerfulness after eating the new food? 5. Does you pulse elevate more than ten percent the first hour after eating the new food, or do you break into a sweat? 6. Do you have rage or aggressive behavior after the food? 7. Do you notice a change in menstrual function, sexual desire or arousibilty after the new food? 8. Do you notice sinus congestion, increased mucus or postnasal drip with the new food?

After a few weeks of hard work, you will not feel like going out and getting a pizza because you now feel what it is like to have the energy from your food as it was intended. This time the food does not take energy away. The food does not create pain in the muscle and joints. The food does not change your moods and give you "dis-temper". It keeps you happy and lets you function. Good-on-ya Mate! Keep looking for new foods that support the function of the body and mind.

As a side effect you will lose weight if you are too big and gain if you are too small; the body knows what to do given half a chance. (This is a very positive section and I think you could reiterate the fact that this is not an exclusionary diet. This leaves open all possibilities with an accountability only to one's body! But this is not necessary; it just seems like an extreme departure from the common weight-losing, calorie-counting, mother-shaking-her-finger-at-you diet, and I think that this rotation diet is a proper method for approaching change in one's body.)