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B1G1 Giving in Action: ‘pick up your bed and walk’.

Disclosure: I’m not a keen student of the Bible. But after a recent trip to New Zealand, I can imagine how the man felt who actually did pick up his bed and walk.

That’s because I was ‘operated on’ (as you’ll soon discover, that’s COMPLETELY the wrong term) by new B1G1 Business owner, Master Applied Kinesiologist, Doctor of Chiropractic and author of ‘Live now - Die later’, Patterson Stark.

I’d met Patterson the night before with my dear friends Martin and Sarah Jimmink. They’d held the equivalent of a B1G1 Seminar in their home in Christchurch, New Zealand.

And after the program, Patterson and his Partner Gayel Marquet not only decided to become a B1G1 Business linking their Alkaline Water with giving kids access to water in Africa, they stayed for hours talking about water, about B1G1 and about Patterson’s views on health.

Twenty years ago, Patterson was told he had 2 weeks to live. He decided differently. And so began a lifetime of study into health and wellness with mentoring from Dr. Stephen Kaufmann in Denver. And 3 years ago, Patterson created Stark Health based in Christchurch, New Zealand but with clients around the world.

I cannot imagine the work or study involved but I can report this the outcome of that study and work feels miraculous. Here’s how I expressed it in an email to Patterson:

Its been amazing to me. As I told you I had two arthroscopies years ago and then stopped running completely. About a year ago I was at a health resort and I started running again but I played tennis with one of my friends and after it did a run DOWN a 1 kilometre hill and something seemed to click in my knee. It got very sore and then I noticed I could not straighten it nor could I bend it in the way you bend your knee after exercise, pulling your heel up to your backside.

The knee seemed badly swollen too so I got some advice from a friend to go see an osteopath on the Gold Coast in Australia where I was spending a fair bit of time. As part of that process they had my knee x-rayed and then x-ray report said something like normal ageing degradation but the Osteopath said I disagree — its a beautiful healthy knee. That gave me confidence — confidence enough to spend nearly $1800 on $70 per half-hour treatments. A couple of time that included needles in the back and front of the knee.

I then went to live in Singapore and so stopped the Osteopath! I started running again and it seemed generally fine but still quite stiff and still impossible to straighten and bend.

And then I saw you!

It was totally amazing to me. No twisting no clicking yet heh presto, everything started to work normally. I could not believe the flexibility I had — after all this time I could straighten AND bend my knee. And, during the hour session with you as you know you moved up to my neck and now I can fully turn my head too - I do have shoulders!

As you know, I was so grateful I went across the road to a cafe to meet a friend — it turned out there were maybe 5 people in the cafe so I treated all of them to a 2 minute LIVE testimonial on how great you were and I know for sure one woman went across the road to see you.

So again, Im stunned. And above all grateful.

I wrote that email 4 weeks ago. And my knee still works as it should and yes, I can still see my shoulders! As I said in the email, the degree of flexibility is amazing to me. That’s I guess because we equate getting older with getting stiffer. Patterson’s made me realise that’s an equation I don’t need to have in my life!

But there’s more. Patterson now has access to what he refers to as ‘some of the healthiest water on the planet.’ And now, with B1G1, when you drink the water someone in Africa will be given clean drinking water for one month.

It’s transaction-based giving working wonderfully. And you can do it with your product, your service and your Worthy Cause. Check it all out right here.

Paul Dunn
Chairman - B1G1®
www. B1G1.com

“Dr. Stark’s aid has been invaluable to me in charting a course to ideal health. At his urging I had an extensive anti aging panel done which highlighted a number of weak points that I needed to work on. Although I’ve had a lifelong interest (and medical practice) in nutrition, we still found areas that needed improvement. With Patterson’s help I’ve been able to clean up those weak spots.
“His exceptional chiropractic skills, when needed, have literally saved me from trips to the Emergency Room as well. He’s one of only a handful of doctors I’d trust with my own health. Wish he were still in the states!” Stephen Kaufman, D.C. Denver , CO. founder and developer of Functional Myology and Pain Neutralization Technique

-Dr. Stephen Kaufman, D.C. Denver , CO

Dear Patterson,
I just received the a call from Dr. Axxx who did my colonoscopy and took seven biopsies. Six of the seven came back clean. The seventh, near the area of the secum showed a fatty tumor that is benign and for which Dr. Axxx does not recommend surgery. The evidence of Chrones disease and a possible carcinoid tumor are all gone. I believe that this is a direct result of the diet changes and the nutraceuticals that you have put me on. Dr. Axxx concurs. YEAH!!!!!

Happy Patient, New Jersey

Kia Ora Doc,

Firstly thanks for your encouragement. I always get a great deal out of our talks and e-mails.

I must say I am quietly proud of the work I have put in and the changes I have made.

The key for me was having a mentor to quietly ensure focus, motivation, and encouragement. From there results became obvious to me in the way I felt. A mentor was a word foreign to me until I came to your office. I thought having one meant you were weak or couldnt cope on your own. Live and learn I say.

You are certainly some one who walks the walk and thats what I respect the most. Your a dead set inspiration Doc and I hope that I can have the same effect on people in the future so they too can share in my experience.

To live life to the fullist and live life just like your suppose to. HARD!!!!!

Take care Doc. Steve,

Queensland, Australia

"My name is J.J, I am 39 years old. My husband introduced me to Dr. Patterson Stark to help me with my PMS and tiredness. I was tired of doctors just treating me with a 10 minute consultation and treating me like all other women. Dr. Stark spent a few hours with me going over the questionnaire I had completed a few weeks earlier and he also did a full physical. The most thorough visit I have ever had and I felt very comfortable with his calming manor. After blood tests he could easily ascertain the supplements I needed and the change in my diet and exercise routine .I am completely amazed at how different I feel , I have lost weight and now have so much energy and I am constantly smiling and happy with my staff , friends and family. I am never tired and best of all my PMS symptoms have almost completely vanished within 4 weeks. I used to be very moody , crying at the drop of a hat , sometimes suicidal thoughts, unable to get out of bed due to depression and trying to communicate my problems to a very loving confused husband.We live in Europe and Dr. Stark is available to us when we need via email and phone and my nutrients are sent to me wherever I am in the world. I cannot thank my husband enough for guiding me to Dr. Stark but utmost to Dr. Stark himself for his professionalism when I thought I was just like any other woman suffering from PMS , he made me realize we all need individually tailored treatments and mine is working like a dream."

Updated note:

We had dinner with friends in Switzerland who are not in the best shape. Also at the table was a lady from Denver. The next day my friend called me to say that the Denver lady wanted to know if I had a boob job, face lift, hair exstensions, personal trainer, as it was not possible to look that good at 40.My friend had a hard time trying to convince her that I am low maintenance and if we went out again together that she did not want to sit next to me!!!!

Chief Stewardess
Super Yacht, France

"I have been a spasmodic insomniac for the last 25 yrs of my life - unable to sleep for entire nights at a time. Consequently I have had to endure mass fatigue which has in turn affected my ability to concentrate clearly. This affliction has been the bane of my life - that is - until now. Whilst at Pattersons home one day, bemoaning my plight, he generously gave me his Power Nap formula to try. In all honesty, I didnt believe it would work. Why would it? Nothing else had to date.

A skeptic, I tried Pattersons Power Nap and astonishingly it WORKED!
This for me is nothing short of a miracle. I have energy akin to what I remember having as a child, smoother and clearer skin, and Ive lost that tired eyes look. But really the best of it is the clarity of mind - the mental sharpness I feel. I recommend the Power Nap one hundred percent. Thank you Patterson for giving me the recipe for vitality. I feel resplendent".

And its true! Thank you again Patterson - lifes so much more fun. I feel properly alive.
Kind regards.

Angela K. Christchurch, New Zealand.

Thank goodness I was lucky enough to be introduced to Dr Stark! I had reached the end of my tether and long ago became resigned to the conclusion that I would find no relief for the various symptoms I had endured for over 20 years. I was not looking forward to growing old, anticipating ever-increasing pain, partially as a result of a motor vehicle accident 30 years earlier and a multitude of seemingly inexplicable symptoms my body kept torturing me with. I’d tried everything from conventional medicine to Chinese medicine, acupuncture to osteopathy, nothing gave me significant or lasting relief. The final straw was earlier this year after seeing a neurosurgeon who could offer nothing more than a lifetime prescription of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication, and then an orthopedic surgeon who suggested the Pain Clinic at Burwood Hospital as the last resort.

About this time Dr Stark arrived back in NZ and am I glad he did! A mutual friend told him of my circumstances and he offered his help. I wasn’t entirely convinced he could make a huge difference but if he could reduce my pain levels by any degree, at least that would be an improvement. Well, here I am 8 weeks later, amazed! Within a few treatments the constant pain in my neck and back was only occasional, if I presented with a headache, often it would be gone before the appointment was over. I was starting to feel the joy of no pain. Then he began teaching me what was happening within my body, why, and how it was affecting me. That knowledge in itself was empowering, finally to be able to understand that which no one had been able to give me a remote clue to previously. We have now started working on other areas, such as allergies, the dreaded mid life weight gain and hormonal disturbances. My friends have been commenting recently that I am looking much better, my eyes and skin seem brighter, as the de-tox process shows results. Most of all, I am now excited about my future, instead of dreading it.

The impressive factor is that Dr stark really does care about his patients beyond the moment they walk out his surgery door, he takes the time to look after them and follow up and he readily shares his knowledge. He is one very special person and darned good at what he does. I wish I had met him 20 years ago!

L.P. Christchurch, New Zealand July 2005