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Who is Dr. Stark - and Why Is He An Expert?

Dr. Patterson Stark, BSc. DC. DIAPPL, ABAAHP, AACNEM – has travelled the world to overcome his personal health issues and find the keys to unlocking disease. He is a practicing Chiropractic Physician, Clinical Nutritionist and leader in Lifestyle Medicine – the drugless approach to health. Now in his mid-sixties, he teaches what he has learnt with his patients and medical colleagues through Stark Health Centre.

Thirtyone years ago, Patterson was diagnosed with what was thought to be - "terminal cancer". He was told to put his affairs in order. He was told: “You have two weeks to live.”

This was the challenging starting point for what has become a life long quest to discover the key to disease-free health. It’s the story of how your lifestyle can be the most powerful medicine of all. And, it was the source of a practical, science based method that you can use to improve any health condition – including to age gracefully.  This accumulation of knowledge has taken 20 years of research and 11 years of clinical research practice to perfect and has kept Patterson passionate about the message.

In my professional opinion, he did it right.  If others employ the same StarkHealthapproach to recovery and wellness, most catastrophic illnesses can be avoided in fact, Dr. Starks ongoing research confirms this clinically. This is the Stark message and the Stark solution!

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD Cardiologist, Psychotherapist and best-selling Author


Prevention is the Cure. Lifestyle is the Medicine.